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Do you want to sell your bike today if yes then you are on the right place because We can collect your motorcycle and pay you instantly.

RTA/ADNOC Failures

Regardless of your bike's condition, we are happy to to take it.

accident damaged
Accidental Damage

It doesn't matter if your bike is damaged, we can collect it as scrap.

non starter

Even if your bike doesn't start up, we'll happily buy it from you.

old bikes
Old Bikes

Age doesn't concern us! We can give you an instant valuation on used or old bikes.

quad bikes
Quad Bikes

We purchase quad bikes for scrap as well as motorbikes.

sell scooters
Sell Scooters

Have an old scooter that you no longer need? Scrap it for money!

sell bike
Sell Motorcycles

We take motorbikes in all conditions and ages and pay instantly.

TASJEEL Failures

Regardless of your bike's condition, we are happy to to take it in any condition.

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We buy any motorcycle

Selling your scooter or selling a motorbike can be a tedious job. You will need to research how much it is worth compared to others, make sure it is in good working order and have it cleaned and looking in show room condition. Then there are advertising costs and the hassle of arranging and holding viewings. For a lot of people this is far more hassle than it’s worth and by the end of the process you may be screaming "buy my bike" are one of the UAE’s top bike buyers. We have a range of pickup trucks collecting from a range of locations 7 days a week. We not only pride ourselves on buying any motorcycle but we also make the process straight forward and easy so you spread the word to all of your friends. Nothing is too small for us so if you want to sell a scooter or sell your motorbike to help free up cash you can submit your query online, we can do an instant cash transfer and collection is free. While you browse our website why not vie our blogs

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