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Frequently Asked Questions

There will always be questions to ask when it comes to the scrapping of your motorcycle, but some questions are raised more than others. As such, BikeBuyers.ae has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, so the majority of people are able to find an answer quickly. However, if there is still anything that you’re not sure about, then feel free to contact BikeBuyers.ae, and it will look to offer any help or advice where it can.
  • General Information

It can depend on the location, but BikeBuyers.ae aims to pick up your motorcycle the same day as your enquiry.

A number of factors come into play, such as the location and the model of motorcycle, but as a rule, motorcycles are removed within a 15-minute window.

Your payment will be processed before the motorcycle is taken, and is done via instant bank transfer for instant clearance or cash before collection.

Until the motorcycle is collected, you will still be the registered keeper of the motorcycle, so you would need to be present during the collection. If you’re not free, then you can ask a friend or family member. You just need to ensure that there the courier can access the motorcycle, and be provided with the necessary paperwork.

The registration document is a Golden Card also named Malkiya . This confirms that you are the current registered owner of the vehicle.

If you’re not able to find your Malkiya, there’s no need to worry. However, you will need to ensure that you can prove you have ownership of the motorcycle. This ensures that BikeBuyers.ae operates in a responsible and ethical manner.

BikeBuyers.ae is proud offer a truly fair and most accurate estimates based on the information you provide. Don’t worry too much if there is anything that you’re unsure about, as a representative will call you to answer any questions you may have in relation to the quotation.

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